Dear Friends,

It has been an honour and a privilege to run as your Regional Councillor for Markham this year. Over the last five months, I have enjoyed connecting with friends like you, old and new, on the campaign trail. We have achieved a lot together, including successful community events like:

  • Cornell Community BBQ where we took in a trunkful of donations for the Markham Food Bank
  • After School Activities Fair that showcased our local businesses
  • The Carousel for Bikes for Africa where over 50 bikes were donated to children in Guinea

I have learned that running for office requires a lot of humility and hard work. With the help of incredibly dedicated volunteers, we spent many mornings serving coffee to commuters at GO train stations, and many late evenings putting down and fixing our election signs.

Although I feel disappointed that we did not achieve the results we were hoping for, I am proud of my campaign. We highlighted issues that actively affected young people and families throughout the campaign, and raised the bar for all candidates to engage residents and to provide solid platforms. I remain committed to providing real communication and true transparency. Over the next four years I will hold our elected officials to these basic and fundamental principles, and I hope you will as well.

I will be back! In four years, I will again seek to be elected as your Regional Councillor for Markham and will be building on the 15,296 votes from this election. I hope you’ll join me.

My sincerest thanks,

Ray Lai

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My Priorities

Markham’s Online Services is a Disaster, and We Deserve Better

Markham prides itself as the High-Tech Capital of Canada, but our own website and online infrastructure are examples at how our elected representatives are neglecting resident needs online and offline. It’s time to put residents first and make our online services work for us, rather than it not working at all.

Action Plan to Address Lack of Empathy, Leadership in VIVA Service Breakdown

Public transit is a integral part of a healthy community. When circumstances create real barriers for people to use public transit, we need real leadership and empathy to stand up and create solutions for all residents. We’re not seeing that today.

We Deserve True Transparency Between Our Councillors and Professional Lobbyists

Professional lobbyists may provide information to councillors to aid in decision making, but let’s be clear: they’re lobbying for a corporation or a cause. Lobbyists are inherently biased, and when they have unfettered and unrestricted access to our councillors, residents rightfully start assuming the worse.

Meet Ray

Meet Ray

My Values

My Values

Support Ray

Support Ray

My Ideas

Better Communication

Being a good communicator is the most important quality of a councillor. I pledge to listen to you and to communicate promptly and thoughtfully.

Transparent Government

It’s time to set a new standard for government transparency in Markham. Starting from day one, I intend to make public all information on the things I do at City Hall and York Regional Council

Sustainable Living for All

I believe all Markham residents have the right to enjoy their city, from our parks, to recreational services, to roads and bike paths. I will work to preserve our green spaces, make cycling safer and friendlier, and advocate for sensible development and growth.

Encourage Innovation

I believe in supporting innovators and entrepreneurs within our own city so they don’t have to look elsewhere to build and grow their businesses.