I am an Entrepreneur

Over the last decade, I have taken leadership roles in a number of software firms, from startups to S&P 500 companies. My recent role is as Chief Technology Officer of an eCommerce software startup.

I am a Professional Problem Solver

My experience as a Professional Services executive has taught me to focus on root problems, and bring together people of all stripes to collaborate and build great solutions that drive results.

I am a Community Volunteer

I believe in giving back at every opportunity, big or small. From a simple blood donation to being a volunteer Taekwondo instructor, I firmly believe in pitching in whenever and wherever possible.

I am a Husband and Father

Over the past few years my wife and I bought our first home here in Markham and we have been blessed with two daughters. My wife, Dr. Emilie Lam is a local family doctor and home palliative care physician serving the Markham area. Our family lives in Markham Village where we enjoy all that Markham has to offer for young families.