Setting a New Standard on Transparency

I think City Hall should be talking with you, not at you. If you enjoy working with someone who is open, transparent, and has nothing to hide, then you will love to work with me as your Regional Councillor.

I Pledge to Set A Higher Standard To Communicate with You – Great communication and collaboration start with each individual councillor. As your regional councillor, I pledge the following:

  • Be Transparent – My daily agenda will be published for you to see. That includes who, what, where, and when for every meeting I take.
  • Be Relevant – I will communicate with you using channels that matter to you. I pledge to be available where you are, be it on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and many other social platforms.
  • Be Available – Beyond the standard open-door policy, I pledge to be out in the community, with community meetups at coffee shops, rec centres, and other gathering places around Markham at least once monthly.
  • Be Timely – When you hear of important issues in the news, it is already too late. When important issues arise, I pledge to communicate them to you as soon as possible so I can get your feedback to influence decisions at City Hall.

Do you think it’s time to talk with City Hall instead of at City Hall? If so, then I ask for your support in Markham Votes 2018!