The Summer Weekend VIVA Pass

Markham is growing, and that means there are more people in cars in our neighbourhood. How great would it be if we gave everyone in Markham an incentive to take public transit to shop, play, and eat in our city?

Introducing the Summer Weekend VIVA Pass, a proposal to offer a special VIVA bus pass that:

  • Offers unlimited rides on the VIVA every weekend between Canada Day and Labour Day
  • A single pass on a Presto card covers all members of a household

Why would the Summer Weekend VIVA Pass help?

  • It’s an Affordable Leisure Option – Our roads are congested, even on the weekends. The Weekend Summer VIVA Pass would give many a public transit option to get their shopping done, go to the movies, or visit family and friends
  • Make Cycling A Markham Thing – VIVA buses are designed for riders to take their bikes across Markham. With their front-loading bike racks and low-riding platforms, the VIVA makes it easy to traverse further and explore all parts of Markham
  • Convert Leisure Riders to Full-Time Transit Users – Getting people hooked on leisure riding is a great way to encourage those who have VIVA as a viable transportation option to commute using VIVA when it’s time to go back to school and back to work.
  • It’s Low Hanging Fruit – The buses are already running… let’s fill them with parents, children, and riders of all ages!

Do you think it’s time to think differently on transit? If so, then I ask for your support in Markham Votes 2018!