Markham’s Online Services is a Disaster, and We Deserve Better

Markham prides itself as the High-Tech Capital of Canada, but our own website and online infrastructure are examples at how our elected representatives are neglecting resident needs online and offline. It’s time to put residents first and make our online services work for us, rather than it not working at all.

Residents expect the best user experience when we log into the Markham’s website, but are often frustrated with:

  • Web layout from the 1990’s
  • Layers upon layers of unintuitive menus
  • Search results that are not relevant and not useful
  • Website errors when signing up for recreational services

It’s clear that Markham’s web presence is causing a major user experience issue in Markham, and the lack of leadership attention within our elected officials is clear. The Information, Communications & Technology Sub-Committee has not met since 2014, and is currently not active.

Our elected officials are letting us down, and in this age of digital infrastructure, there is no excuse to make Markham residents pay for such a terrible user experience.

No one on council has relevant technological experience to tackle this problem, but I do. I will take on the leadership role to restore and rebuild our online services so that it be the intuitive tool that services residents for years to come.

I commit to:

  1. Holding public town hall meetings with residents and user experience experts to determine how our current website and online services is failing us
  2. Work with Web 2.0 designers and architects to come up with solutions to build a new online presence for the City of Markham that delivers the user experience we deserve at a price that is reasonable
  3. Deliver the new experience within two years of taking office

Markham residents deserves an online services infrastructure that isn’t mired in the 1990’s. I have the passion and experience in technology to tackle this problem head on.

Do you think it’s time for Markham’s online services to enter the 21st century? If so, then I ask for your support in Markham Votes 2018!