Communicating the Way You Do

Better government starts with better communication. We all have our preferred ways of connecting with the people we talk to, and government must adapt to make sure we are communicating both effectively and efficiently. 

I Pledge to Speak with You In Ways You’re Used To – Great communication and collaboration start with each individual councillor. I believe it’s not enough to passively “make myself available” and waiting for feedback to roll in. As your regional councillor, I pledge to actively reach out and use every channel to speak with you, including:

  • Using social media, including active Facebook groups used by Markham residents, to interact with you rather than just using it as a loudspeaker for press releases
  • Hold regular Reddit AMAs to interact with the community
  • Regularly organize community coffee days at different communities in Markham for face-to-face time with you

Do you think it’s time to talk with City Hall instead of at City Hall? If so, then I ask for your support in Markham Votes 2018!